myki is now used on V/Line commuter rail services.

The switch to myki means V/Line commuter fares are time and zone based, replacing point-to-point paper ticket fares.

Paper tickets are used for long distance services beyond the V/Line commuter boundary and coach services.

For further information on the areas that V/Line commuter, long distance and coach services operate in, please see Maps and Zones.

myki product to suit your travel needs

Depending on the frequency of your travel, there is a myki product to suit your travel needs.

Purchase a myki pass if you travel regularly to receive discounted prices and convenience. You can buy a 7-day myki pass, or anywhere between 28 and 365 consecutive days of travel. Your pass will allow you unlimited travel for the pass duration within the zone/s selected.

Top up with myki money for irregular trips. You can pay on your myki for 2 hour or Daily fares as you travel.

Purchasing pre-loaded myki cards on board and at staffed long distance stations

Pre-loaded myki cards are available from some staffed V/Line stations outside the myki boundary and V/Line conductors for customers who board services at unstaffed stations.

  • Full fare pre-loaded myki cards cost $30 and include $24 worth of pre-loaded travel.
  • Customers with valid concession cards can purchase a pre-loaded myki for $15 which includes $12 worth of pre-loaded travel. 



In order to have a valid ticket for travel on V/Line commuter services, you must always have a valid myki pass and/or enough myki money to cover the trip you intend to take. So before you travel, make sure you top up with either myki money, or myki pass to pay for your journey.

When travelling with myki you need to touch on at the start of your journey and touch off at the end.

If you fail to touch off at the end of your journey you will be charged a default fare and not receive the benefit of any off-peak fares applicable. The default fare charged is a peak fare, so it may be significantly more than you could have paid.

To find out the fares for travelling on the V/Line train commuter services, see Regional fares.

Tips for travelling on V/Line commuter services using myki money

2 hour and Daily fares

With myki money, you ‘pay as you go’. Simply top up with myki money to access 2 hour and Daily fares.

Your myki will automatically calculate the lowest fare possible according to the zones you travel within as you touch on and touch off.

Your first touch on of the day will create a 2 hour fare product.  If you continue to travel after your 2 hour fare expires, a daily cap applies. The Daily fare is the same as two 2 hour fares for the zone/s in which you travel.

Product duration of a 2 hour fare

The 2 hour fare expires exactly 2 hours after the first touch on when you are travelling in Zones 1 and 2. The product duration for the 2 hour fare is extended for travelling across 3 or more zones to provide you with extra time to complete your journey:

Travel across 3 - 5 zones, product duration: 2.5 hours

Travel across 6 - 8 zones, product duration: 3 hours

Travel across 9 - 11 zones, product duration: 3.5 hours

Travel across 12-13 zones, product duration: 4 hours

In addition, if your first touch on of the day occurs after 6pm, then your 2 hour fare will be valid from the time of touch on to at least 3am the next morning (or until the expiry of the product duration, whichever is later). This applies for travel across any myki zones.

Important note: If you are undertaking a long journey that will exceed the product duration, make sure you touch off and on again when interchanging to reset the product duration on your myki. For further information, please see interchange on long journeys.

Sufficient myki money balance

When using myki money, you should have enough value on your myki to pay for your whole journey. See myki fares for fare prices.

If your myki money balance is negative (even if you have a valid myki pass), you will not be able to touch on and you will not have a valid ticket for your trip. This includes changing modes or vehicles during your journey.

Using myki money and myki pass to pay your fare

To travel outside the zone/s of your myki pass, you should keep your myki topped up with myki money to pay for this trip.

For example, if you have a Zone 1 to 4 myki pass and decide to travel to Bendigo (Zone 13) on a weekend, your myki pass covers the Zone 1 to 4 portion of your trip and myki money pays for the Zone 5 to 13 portion of your trip.

If you have a myki pass and are travelling to a V/Line long distance destination where myki is not valid, you should purchase an extension ticket from the ticket window before travelling.

Off-peak fares

When you travel three or more zones, an off-peak discount of 30 per cent may apply (this is in addition to any concession discount).

Off-peak fares apply to all trips of at least three zones, except where you touch off in Zone 1 before 9 am on a weekday, or touch on in Zone 1 between 4 and 6 pm on a weekday. With myki, off-peak fares apply to concession passengers on weekends.

If you don’t touch off at the end of your trip you will be charged a peak fare.

Important note: If you touch on in Zone 1 between 4pm and 6pm on a weekday and are connecting to a V/Line service which departs any station after 6pm, you are advised to touch off at the end of your Metro journey and touch on again prior to boarding the V/Line service. For more information, see myki frequently asked questions.

Free metropolitan travel

Just like before with your V/Line ticket, myki is valid for travel on Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses when you arrive and you can continue to travel at no extra cost, until the expiry of your product.

First class travel

First class travel is only available on long distance rail services to and from:

  • Albury
  • Bairnsdale
  • Shepparton
  • Swan Hill; and
  • Warrnambool

myki customers travelling within the V/Line commuter boundary on a long distance service, are encouraged to purchase a First Class Multi Card for ease of travel, however some services may still require the reservation of a first class seat.

Please note: myki can not be used to pay for long distance travel beyond the V/Line commuter boundary. Paper tickets are in use for long distance travel.

Customers can reserve a V/Line ticket by calling 1800 800 007.