Medical condition

If you have unused myki Pass days on your card because a medical condition prevented you from travelling, you can apply for reimbursement online.

Wait until your myki Pass has expired and include a doctor’s certificate for all the days claimed in your application. Statutory declarations can’t be accepted as evidence.

You must have been unable to travel for a minimum number of days:

  • 7 day myki Pass - at least three business days missed
  • 28 to 69 day myki Pass – at least seven days missed
  • 70 to 365 day myki Pass - at least seven days missed, plus two days for every 30 days the pass could have been used.

To be reimbursed for a V/Line paper ticket, visit a staffed V/Line station or V/Line agent, or download a V/Line Refund Application Form.

myki faulty ticketing equipment

You can apply for a reimbursement if you paid a higher fare because of faulty ticketing equipment. All applications are checked against our ticketing equipment and recorded faults. Give us as much information as you can to help us process your application.

Apply online or call 1800 800 007.

Special consideration

If there’s another reason you think you're eligible for reimbursement, call us on 1800 800 007.