Transcript - Harpreet

(gentle music)

[On-screen text: We created a new kind of safety vest. Watch to see why]

[On-screen text: Harpreet. Bus Driver, Kinetic]

Harpreet: Mostly people are nice but sometimes people punch the windows and they yell.

[On-screen text: Harpreet's story]

Harpreet: I think passengers will be surprised to know my background as a sportsperson, then maybe their behaviour will change.

[On-screen text: Psychologists have proven that once you know someone you treat them with more respect]

[On-screen text: So we put Harpreet's life story onto his safety vest.]

(gentle music continues)

Harpreet: I was eight years old when I started fencing. My sister is the first generation of fencers in my country and she's the one who took me to fencing.

She trained me for two years. She always pushed me to do more. It's very hard at the beginning.

In 2004, the government selected me for the International Camp of Fencing and I was the captain of my country team. From there, we went to Austria for the World Championship.

Fencing helped me to travel all around the world.

I have a lot of coaches in my career, but my sister is just, I think, everything for me.

From the beginning 'til now, she helped me in any way, you know.

[On-screen text: Harpreet's vest]

(gentle music continues)

Harpreet: Oh my god. What a beautiful thing.

It shows all my competitions which I've played. That is so, so nice. So beautiful.

I hope if I wear this vest, people will know I have a story and they will respect me.

(soft string music continues)

[On-screen text: Transport workers are people too. Please respect them.]

[On-screen text:]

[On-screen text: Public Transport Victoria]

[On-screen text: Victoria State Government] 

[On-screen text: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

[End of transcript]