Customer service

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We're committed to delivering quality customer service and helping to improve your travel experience. Here's how you can contact us.

Public transport call centre

Our call-centre staff can help answer all your public transport questions. They can also help you plan your journey. We're open from 6am to midnight daily (all night Friday and Saturday).

Communication Access

We help people with different communication needs use public transport. The tools we use include communication boards that you can find at PTV Hubs, or on this page.

Customer service charters

Customer service charters describe your rights as a passenger, and define operator responsibilities and obligations. ​They include a Compensation Code. 

Feedback and complaints

You can give us feedback online, by phone, in person or by post.

We're listening

We want to hear what you have to say. Let us know if you've experienced an issue on our network, our digital channels, or have other feedback for our consideration.

Information in other languages

We provide a range of public transport information in languages other than English.  

Operator contact details

Get contact details for Metro Trains, Yarra Trams, V/Line and bus operators in metropolitan and regional Victoria. 

PTV Hubs

Our helpful staff can help you with all your public transport needs. 

Report a level crossing fault

You can report a level crossing fault by phone. This includes faulty level crossing boom gates.

Staffed stations

Many metropolitan and regional train stations are staffed. Find a list of stations that have customer service staff.