Customer service charters

Customer service charters describe your rights as a passenger, and define operator responsibilities and obligations. ​They include a Compensation Code.

The operators with charters are:

As the Victorian Government negotiates new contracts with operators, more customer service charters may be added.

Operator charters

Find the Metro Trains customer service charter on the Metro Trains website.

Find the Yarra Trams customer service charter on the Yarra Trams website.

Find the V/Line customer service charter on the V/Line website.

You can also ask for other formats of the customer service charters by calling 1800 800 007. This includes large print, braille and audio versions, and copies in languages other than English. 

Find information about customer compensation, including how to apply, at Compensation.

If you believe an operator has breached the charter

You can give feedback or make a complaint by calling 1800 800 007

Find more information on complaints handling at How we handle complaints.