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Where to find us

Southern Cross Station (on concourse near the corner of Spencer Street and Collins Street)

Monday to Friday:  7:30am to 6:30pm

Weekends and public holidays: 9am to 6pm

Closed: Christmas Day

Geelong - Westfield Shopping Centre, 95 Malop Street, Geelong (ground floor near Target entrance) - CLOSED

Bendigo – Bendigo Marketplace, 37 Garsed Street, Bendigo (near Bank of Melbourne) - CLOSED

The Geelong and Bendigo hubs will be closed from 6pm on Friday 3 April 2020 until further notice to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff due to COVID-19.

If you need to top up your myki, you can:

Bendigo passengers can use the myki Machine at the entrance to the Bendigo Shopping Centre to purchase a myki (full fare only) and top up. myki machines are also located at the Bendigo Train Station.

Geelong passengers can visit the 7-Eleven at 115 Moorabool Street to purchase a myki or top up, which is approximately a 5-minute walk from the Geelong PTV Hub. myki machines are also located at the Geelong Train station.

If you need help with timetables, ticketing or any other public transport enquiry, please contact our call centre on 1800 800 007

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