Auto top up

Auto top up offer image


  • Never queue for a myki machine or ticket office again.
  • Know you won't accidentally travel without a valid ticket.
  • Control your myki Money balance.
  • Set and forget to make topping up easier.
  • Save time on your journey.

Set auto top up

  1. Make sure your myki is registered
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select your myki
  4. Set up auto top up
  5. Choose a minimum balance
  6. Select your auto top up amount.

For example, when your myki Money balance reaches $10, you could top up with $25.

You can have auto top up and a myki Pass on the same myki. Auto top up won't change the balance of your myki Pass—it only tops up your myki Money.

Learn how to set up auto top up via the PTV app.

If you have a Mobile myki auto top up can also be set up via your Google Wallet™ it is called auto load.


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