Buy a myki and top up

​Buy your myki and top up with myki Money or myki Pass.

Passengers using myki machine

Buy your myki

You can buy a physical myki card or, if you have an Android phone, a digital myki called Mobile myki.

Find out more information at Mobile myki.

Full Fare ($6 for myki card)

  • Adults aged 19 and over with no concession entitlement
  • International visitors aged 19 and over

Concession ($3 for myki card)

  • Cardholders of a Victorian Health Care Card, Australian Pensioner Concession Card or PTV ID (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Asylum Seeker)
  • Seniors from other states in Australia

Child ($3 for myki card)

  • Children aged five to 18 (including children from other states and international visitors)
  • Children aged four and under travel free and don't need a myki

Senior ($3 for myki card)

  • Victorian Seniors Card holders (seniors receive a free myki with their Victorian Seniors Card)
  • Seniors from other states in Australia need to buy a Concession myki

Find your nearest place to buy and top up.

Buy a myki card and top up online.

Top up to travel

If you travel occasionally, pay as you go with myki Money. Load money onto your myki and it will calculate the lowest fare based on where you travel.

If you travel often, buy consecutive days with a myki Pass. Choose where you’ll be travelling and how many days you need. You can buy a myki Pass for 7 days or anywhere between 28 and 365 days.

Choose the best fare for you

Your myki can hold both myki Money and myki Pass – compare and choose the best one for you each time you top up. Click here to compare myki Money with myki Pass fares.

Find a myki retailer near you 

To find your nearest myki retailer:

  1. visit our website home page
  2. enter your location into the search box, or select 'Near me'
  3. select 'View map' (or if you're using your phone, select 'View place')
  4. in the box labelled 'Stops and stations nearby' select the downward-facing arrow
  5. in the drop-down menu select 'myki outlets nearby'
  6. you can now see your closest myki retailers.