myki Money

​If you travel occasionally pay as you go with myki Money.

Passengers using myki gates at Footscray Station

Topping up

Load myki Money onto your myki and it will calculate the lowest fare based on where you travel.

Remember to top up with enough money to pay for your entire journey. If your balance falls below zero, you won't have a valid ticket for your trip, and you won't be able to touch on. Find out how much to top up at Fares

If you register your myki, you can set Auto Top Up.

If you have Mobile myki you can set Auto Load via the Google Pay app.

Top up online now

Register or log-in to manage your myki and set Auto top up


Your first touch on creates a 2 hour fare. If you're still travelling after 2 hours, you'll be charged a daily fare. A 2 hour fare is extended when travelling to and from regional Victoria, find out more at Regional fares.

Off-peak fare offer

Metropolitan public transport fares during off-peak times will be temporarily discounted by 30% from Monday 1 February to Friday 27 August 2021. This offer applies to both full fare and concession fares.

The off-peak fare offer is valid for travel using myki Money on metropolitan trains, trams and buses within Zone 1 or Zone 1+2 on weekdays.

Passengers must touch off their myki between 9.30am and 4pm, or touch on before 4pm or after 7pm on weekdays to receive the off-peak fare discount.

Passengers must touch on and touch off on all metropolitan services, including trams, for the discounted fare to be automatically applied.

The off-peak fare offer doesn't apply to travel that is already discounted, including travelling wholly within Zone 2, weekend travel or public holidays.

View the off-peak fare discount at metropolitan fares.

Interchange on long journeys

Some trips take longer than two hours because of a transfer between services. If you expect your journey to take more than 2 hours, exit the barriers when you change and touch off, then re-enter and touch on again before boarding your connecting service. This resets the fare expiry and gives you more time to complete your journey.