Register your myki

The benefits of registering your myki and how to do it.

Passenger touching on myki

Why register my myki online?

See the cost of your recent trips and balance

You can see up to six months of travel and transaction history online. Simply allow 24 hours for travel and transactions to appear. You can also request up to two years of travel and transaction history by calling 1800 800 007.

You can also see your card balance and last 10 transactions on a myki machine, Quick Top Up or myki Check myki equipment.

Set Auto Top Up

Choose your top up value and minimum balance. For example, set your myki Money to top up with $50 when your balance reaches $10. Learn more about Auto Top Up.

Protect your myki balance if it’s lost or stolen

If your registered myki or your smartphone with a Mobile myki is lost or stolen, you can call us to block your myki.

For physical cards we'll transfer your balance to a replacement myki at no cost.

Receive a new myki smartcard when yours expires

Your myki expires after four years. You can request a new myki smartcard through your online account.

Your Mobile myki expires after two years.

Manage another person’s myki

You can register up to eight active mykis on an individual account. For example, one person can manage mykis for family or friends.

Create a tax invoice

Create your own tax invoice under the 'my transactions' section of your online account. Select the date range, transaction types and choose 'view and print statement'. If you need a tax invoice for travel history more than six months ago, call 1800 800 007 and we'll email your tax invoice to your registered email address.

How to register your myki

If you buy a myki from a retailer, ticket office window or myki machine or buy a Mobile myki, it's unregistered.