Free travel passes

Free travel passes are available to eligible customers to travel free on the public transport network, some conditions may apply.

Check the list below to see if you're eligible for a free travel pass.

You can find a full list of passes in the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.

Access Travel Pass

Apply for an Access Travel Pass if you have a permanent physical disability, cognitive condition or mental illness that prevents you from using myki.

Find out more about the Access Travel Pass.

Assistance Animal Pass

Apply for an Assistance Animal Pass if you need a trained assistance animal to help you use public transport.

Find out more about the Assistance Animal Pass.

Companion Card holders

Apply for a Companion Card so your carer or companion can travel free on trains, trams and buses with you.

Find out more about the Companion Card.

EDA/TPI Ex-Service Personnel Pass

Apply if you have a Veteran Gold Card embossed with EDA or TPI.

Find out more about the EDA/TPI Ex-Service Personnel Pass.

Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass

Apply if you depend on a scooter or wheelchair while travelling.

Find out more about the Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass.

Travel Pass

A Travel Pass is a short-term ticket issued for one, seven or 30 days which gives you free travel on all PTV contracted services throughout Victoria. This includes trains, trams, buses, V/Line trains and coaches and regional town buses.

Find out more about the Travel Pass.

Travel Trainer Pass

Apply if you're travel training a client with a disability for an eligible not-for-profit organisation.

Find out more about Travel Trainer Pass.

Vision Impaired Travel Pass

Apply if you're legally blind.

Find out more about the Vision Impaired Travel Pass.

War Veteran Free Travel Pass

Apply if you have limited mobility due to an injury or illness related to military service.

Find out more about the War Veteran Free Travel Pass.