Free travel vouchers

Some customers are eligible for free travel vouchers each year. Eligible customers need to register to receive free travel vouchers.


You're eligible* for free travel vouchers if you're a Victorian resident and a:

If eligible, you'll receive two off-peak travel vouchers each year if you live in metropolitan Melbourne and four if you live in regional Victoria.

*Customers are entitled to vouchers under one category only. Only the cardholder is entitled to receive and use free travel vouchers. You’ll need to present your valid proof of eligibility card upon redemption and also if asked by public transport staff whilst travelling.


If you're eligible, you must register by 31 July to receive your allocation of free travel vouchers in October of that year. If you register after 31 July, you will receive your vouchers in the following year's mail-out.

You only need to register once and vouchers will be mailed to you each year, provided you remain eligible (your eligibility may be cross-checked with relevant government departments). PTV reserves the right to not issue vouchers if information is missing or incomplete, e.g. address not provided or reference number incorrect.

You can register:

  • In person at a PTV Hub - you'll need to bring your proof of eligibility card with you.
  • By calling us on 1800 800 007.

If your details change after you have registered, you'll need to let us know by re-registering online with your new details or by calling 1800 800 007.

How to travel

Each travel voucher can be exchanged for:

  • a 1 Day Travel Pass (for metro travel in zones 1+2); or
  • an Off-Peak Economy class V/Line daily ticket; or
  • two Off-Peak Economy class V/Line single tickets (to return on a different day)

Vouchers can be exchanged for a 1 Day Travel Pass at metropolitan premium stations and the Southern Cross Station PTV Hub. You'll need to bring your proof of eligibility card with you.

For V/Line-ticketed services where reservations are required, you must go to a staffed V/Line station, selected premium station, or V/Line agent in advance of travelling. Bring your proof of eligibility card with you.

Off-peak travel vouchers cannot be redeemed as part of an interstate journey (except for travel to Albury, Mount Gambier and Deniliquin).

You must redeem and use your vouchers on or before the expiry date.

For more information on voucher redemption, see the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Conditions.