Transcript - Dennis

(soft string music)

[On-screen text: We created a new kind of safety vest. Watch to see why]

[On-screen text: Dennis. Services Officer, V/Line]

Dennis: From passengers, the abuse we receive is anything from hitting a window at the counter, swearing at us.

People see the uniform and not the person under it. 

[On-screen text: Dennis' story]

Dennis: If people got to know me, they'd see that I'm just a normal bloke who likes to spend time with his family and go camping. 

[On-screen text: Psychologists have proven that once you know someone you treat them with more respect]

[On-screen text: So we put Dennis' life story onto his safety vest.]

(soft string music continues)

Dennis: I enjoy the simple things in life, being with the family and being happy.

Being in shift work and raising a family is bit of a juggling act. Meeting all the demands of family life and meeting demands in work life as well. But we work well as a team, my wife and I.

Dennis: We spend a lot of time going away camping, see the outdoors. I want them to grow up having their memories of mum and dad.

[On-screen text: Dennis' vest]

(soft string music continues)

Dennis: Oh wow. It's absolutely incredible, I love it. And one of my passion's, playing my guitar.

It's everything, summed up everything.

Dennis: I think if people see me in this vest that they'll think I'm more than just a uniform. I'm actually a real person.

[On-screen text: Transport workers are people too. Please respect them.]

[On-screen text:]

[On-screen text: Public Transport Victoria]

[On-screen text: Victoria State Government] 

[On-screen text: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]

[End of transcript]