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Railway Stories

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Did you know that the clocks at Flinders Street Station used to be manually changed 900 times a day? More than 400,000 passengers pass through Australia’s oldest station every day, but most are unaware of its rich and interesting history.

Train travel just got a whole lot more interesting for passengers with Storytowns audio guides. Podcasts play automatically as you approach a town, landmark, or point of interest, and now whilst you’re travelling across Melbourne’s one thousand kilometres of train lines.

After hitchhiking around the world, founder of Storytowns, Jarrod Pickford wanted to connect travellers to communities. Storytowns began in regional Victoria and has now produced hundreds of free geo-located podcasts throughout Australia.

These podcasts will enhance the journey and provide passengers with fascinating insights into the places they travel through. We believe that every suburb has a story to tell, and we're excited to bring Melbourne's unique character and history to life through the voices of its people.

Access the podcasts for free and start your journey right away!

There are currently 47 podcasts available focusing on the Belgrave, Lilydale, Upfield, Williamstown, Sandringham, and Pakenham lines—from the maritime history of Williamstown, Pentridge Prison in Coburg, even the Greek origins of Oakleigh.

Read more about Storytowns Railway Stories here.

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Metro Trains Melbourne is partnering with Storytowns Podcast Tours and the Department of Transport and Planning to capture untold stories of our city with these series of podcasts, and more are planned for the future.

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