567 - Northcote - Regent via Northland

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Route Description

To Regent

Departs from the corner of Mitchell St and High St, Northcote and runs via High St, Bastings St, Rathmines St and Wingrove St to Fairfield Railway Station; then via Wingrove St, Station St, Albert St, Wood St and Hannah St to Northland Shopping Centre; then via Hannah St, Wood St, Laurel St, Tyler St, Seston St, Clingin St, Chaleyer St, Albert St, Tyler St, High St, Station St and Robinson Rd to the terminus at Regent Railway Station.

To Northcote

Departs from the terminus at Regent Railway Station, Reservoir and runs via Robinson Rd, Henry St, High St, Queent, Oakhill Ave Tyler St, Albert St, McComas St, Eisenhower St, Chaleyer St, Clingin St, Seston St, Tyler St and Laurel St to Northland Shopping Centre and then via the reverse of the route described above to Bastings St; then via Prospect Ave and Mitchell St to the corner of Mitchell St and High St, Northcote.

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