566 - Lalor - Northland via Plenty Road, Childs Road, Grimshaw Street

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Route Description

To Lalor

Departs from the terminus at Northland Shopping Centre bus interchange (Bay 3) and runs via Hannah St Ramp, Laurel St, Tyler St, Plenty Rd, Boldrewood Pde, North Rd, Charlton Cr, Keilor Av, Winter Cr, Boldrewood Pde, Dunne St, Plenty Rd and Greenwood Dr to Morwell Av (Watsonia); then via High St, Grace St, Watsonia Rd, Macorna St, Gillingham St, Sellars St, Fry St, Grimshaw St, Flintoff St, Para Rd (Greensborough Station), Main St (Greensborough Shopping Centre), Grimshaw St, Plenty Rd, Childs Rd, Station St (Lalor Railway Station), and David St to the terminus at Lalor Shopping Centre.

To Northland SC

Departs from Lalor Shopping Centre, David St and runs via David St, French St, Derrick St, Station St, Childs Rd, Plenty Rd, Grimshaw St and Main St to Greensborough Shopping Centre; then via Para Rd to Greensborough Station. Then via Flintoff St, Grimshaw St, Frye St, Sellars St, Gillingham St, Macorna St, Watsonia Rd, Morwell Av, Greenwood Dr, Plenty Rd, Dunne St, Boldrewood Pde, Winter Cr, Keilor Av, Charlton Cr, North Rd, Boldrewood Pde, Plenty Rd, Tyler St, Laurel St, Hannah St ramp and Murray Rd to Northland Shopping Centre bus interchange. ROUTE DEVIATION: Some services during off peak times that originate at Lalor Station operate via Paschke Cr and High St to Childs Rd instead of via Station St. On those deviation trips the bus would depart from the south bound stop ID 149, opposite the regular inbound stop ID 7212.

Operator Details

Contact Dysons: 9463 3999
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