774 - Frankston - Delacombe Park

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Route Description

To Frankston

Departs from Towerhill Road, Foot Street, Hastings Road, Davey Street and Young Street to the terminus at Frankston Railway Station.

To Delacombe Park

Departs from the terminus at Frankston Railway Station and runs via Young Street, High Street, Yuille Street, Pratt Avenue, Overport Road, Poinciana Street, Foot Street and Towerhill Road. ROUTE DEVIATION: Some trips from Frankston travel via Young Street, Playne Street, Nepean Highway, Bay Street South and High Street and resume normal route at the corner of High Street and Kars Street.

Operator Details

Ventura (Seaford)
Contact Ventura (Seaford): 9786 7088
Website: Ventura (Seaford)