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Myki expiry extension

10 Oct 2023

We've listened to feedback and are extending the life of eligible myki cards that have recently expired or are about to expire, adding a further 2 years to an eligible myki's lifespan.

To be eligible for an expiry date extension, your myki must:

  • Have expired within the last 90 days, or be due to expire within the next 90 days, and
  • Be an eligible myki fare type

myki fare types that can have expiry date extended:

  • Full fare myki
  • Child myki*
  • Seniors myki
  • General concession myki*
  • Tertiary Student, Secondary School Student, and General Student concession myki*
  • Commuter Club myki

*if the myki holder is still eligible for this fare type

Find out how to extend your myki at myki expiry extension.