Expired or expiring soon myki

If your myki smartcard has expired or is expiring soon, you can:

  • Extend a myki expiry date,
  • Replace expired/expiring myki and transfer balance to new myki (if not eligible for extension), or
  • Apply for a refund

To see when your myki expires, register it online or check by scanning it at a myki machine or via the PTV app.

Extend myki expiry date

Most myki smartcards can be scanned to get a 2 year expiry date extension from the original expiry date. Extending the expiry date is free and easy, and lets you keep using your myki.

If your myki smartcard is eligible for an expiry extension, you can’t apply for a replacement unless your myki is damaged/defective.

Eligibility for expiry date extension

To be eligible for an expiry date extension, your myki must:

  • Have expired within the last 90 days or will expire within the next 90 days, and
  • Be an eligible myki fare type

myki fare types that can have expiry date extended:

  • Full fare myki
  • Child myki*
  • Seniors myki
  • General concession myki (includes Victorian Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card, and Victorian Carer Card “We Care” Card holders)*
  • Tertiary Student*, Secondary School Student*, and General Student* concession myki
  • Commuter Club myki

*If myki holder still eligible for this fare type.

If you’re no longer eligible for a concession myki, you should buy a full fare myki instead and request a refund for any positive balance. You’re required to carry proof of concession eligibility when you travel.

Some mykis are not eligible for an expiry date extension, and need to be replaced:

  • myki that expired more than 90 days ago
  • International student myki
  • Free travel passes
  • DVA Pensioner fare type myki and War Veteran/War Widow myki
  • Most other special concession myki types
  • Mobile myki. For more information, see Mobile myki FAQs

How to extend eligible myki smartcards

To keep using an eligible myki, scan it before touching on to travel.

Find out how to extend your eligible myki smartcard

How to replace an expired or expiring soon myki that is not eligible for an expiry date extension

Find out how to replace an expired or expiring soon (within 60 days) myki that is not eligible for an expiry date extension