Mobile myki Frequently asked questions

Questions about Android phone requirements

How do I find out if my Android phone has a near-field communication (NFC) chip?

Within the phone, go to Settings > Connected devices. If NFC is shown and you can turn it on or off, you have NFC. If it doesn't appear, your phone does not have an NFC chip.

How do I find out what operating system my phone is using?

Within the phone, go to Settings > System > About phone. You can then see what Android version you’re on. You can also update it there if you’re not on the latest version.

I have a wearable with Google Wallet – can I use Mobile myki?

No. The version of Google WalletTM used by wearables, such as watches, is a light version which doesn't support Mobile myki.

Questions about setting up and using Mobile myki

Can I use my current myki card on Mobile myki?

No. Mobile myki is different to an existing myki card. You'll need to buy and top up a new Mobile myki. To transfer any funds from your existing myki to Mobile myki you'll need to deactivate the existing card. Contact us to request the transfer.

What’s Auto-load?

Auto-load is the same as auto top up. It lets you set a minimum balance and your myki will automatically top up with the amount you choose.

For example, when your myki Money balance reaches $10, you could top up with $20.

Do I need to unlock my phone or open the app to touch on/off?

No. You only need to wake up your phone to touch on and off. The phone is awake whenever the screen is turned on, even it's locked.

Can I register my Mobile myki?

Yes. You can register your Mobile myki via Register your myki. This will let you manage your myki as you would a physical myki card. It also protects your myki balance if you lose your phone or it's stolen.

Can I use myki Money and myki Pass on Mobile myki?

Yes. The same as a physical myki card, you can have myki Money and a myki Pass on your Mobile myki. 

Who is eligible to use General concession with Mobile myki?

General concession available with Mobile myki can be used by any eligible concession card holder, but the only fare benefit will be the 50 per cent of full fare discount.

Any other travel benefit such as free weekend travel isn't available at this time. If you're entitled to these additional benefits, you can access them by using your myki smartcard.

If you're travelling on a concession fare, you must make sure you hold the correct concession entitlement. To check if you're eligible to travel on a concession myki, see Concessions and free travel.

We're working to provide all concession fare benefits to Mobile myki that will have the relevant additional fare benefits associated with them.

Is Mobile myki anonymous?

PTV does not have any access to any information within the Google Wallet™ app. We can only see Mobile myki information if you register your Mobile myki via Register your myki.

Can I use the same Mobile myki on multiple devices?

No. You can only activate a Mobile myki on one device at a time. Mobile myki can only be transferred to another device if the myki card is deactivated and moved to the new device. Once it's transferred to another device, it will no longer be available on the original device. 

I have a Mobile myki and want to use it on my new phone or another phone – what do I do?

  1. On your existing phone, go into Mobile myki, select the menu in the top right corner (three vertical dots) and choose ‘Move to another device’. This will allow you to deactivate your Mobile myki.
  2. On your new phone, download Google Wallet™ and set it up with your same account details. In the Passes section, you'll then be able to see your Mobile myki and activate it to your new phone.

You can only have your Mobile myki active on one device at a time.

You need to deactivate your Mobile myki on one device before doing a factory reset or all data will be lost.

What’s a ticket number?

A ticket number is a unique 15-digit number for every myki (Mobile myki and physical). You can use the ticket number to register your myki or if you require a refund.

I want a refund for my Mobile myki

If you use an Australian Mastercard/VISA card to purchase and top up your Mobile myki, you can get a refund via the PTV website, PTV call centre or PTV Hubs.

If you use an international Mastercard/Visa card to purchase and top up your Mobile myki, and you don't have an Australian bank account, you'll have to visit the PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station to request a refund. Refunds cannot be issued for less than $5.

A refund for an international payment card cannot be processed by the PTV call centre.

I have a public transport card from another location in my Google Wallet account. Will I be charged twice?

If you have another transit or public transport product in your Google Wallet account (such as Suica, Las Vegas Monorail), it may detect interaction with the myki system.

If this occurs, you won't incur a duplicate fare. Only Mobile myki has the ability to charge you a fare via a myki device.

Why are there only eight myki Pass types available on Mobile myki?

Mobile myki only allows eight myki Pass types to be purchased via the app: 7-day, 28-day, 30-day, 31-day, 35-day, 40-day, 60-day and 365-day. These are the eight most commonly purchased myki Passes.

If you'd like to buy a myki Pass for a different day duration, you can do so via the PTV website.

If you're using an international payment card you won't be able to top up via the PTV website.

Questions about who can use Mobile myki 

I don’t travel on Full fare, Child, Senior or General concession – can I use Mobile myki?

At this stage, these are the only card types available on Mobile myki. We're looking to expand the number of card types available, so more passengers can use Mobile myki. 

I don’t have a VISA/Mastercard – can I use Mobile myki?

As a security measure, we don't allow payments via Mobile myki using anything other than a VISA/Mastercard.

We're working to improve our systems so we can allow other payment card types in the future. 

I’m an international visitor, can I use Mobile myki?

Yes. If you have a Mastercard or VISA card you can get and top up a Mobile myki.

Why do I need to be aged 16 or over to use Google WalletTM?

This is a requirement of Google. You can read the Terms of Service online.


I can’t see Travel card or myki as an option within Google Wallet

You may be using an older version of Google Wallet. Update the app and try again. You may also need to restart your phone after updating the app.

My phone battery has died, what do I do?

It's your responsibility to ensure your phone battery is charged so you can touch on and off during your journey and present a valid ticket if requested. If your phone battery dies, you'll need to charge your phone or purchase a physical myki card to travel on the network.

I’m getting a ‘phone moved too fast’ error message.

  • Try hovering the phone just above or near the reader, rather than touching the phone on the reader. Hold the phone still when touching on and off.
  • Check your Mobile myki, you may be in negative balance or your myki Pass may have expired.
  • If your Mobile myki has been checked by a V/Line conductor or Authorised Officer, this will show as the phone has not recorded a transaction. We're working to improve the messaging.

I have Auto Load set up on my phone but it hasn’t worked

Auto Load set up within Mobile myki can take up to 10 minutes to top up myki Money. Wait a few minutes then check the app to see your balance.

I can’t touch on or off

  • Check your myki Money isn’t in negative balance.
  • Check if your myki Pass has expired.
  • Check that NFC is enabled on your phone. Go to Settings > Connected devices > NFC.

I can’t top up

Check your phone to make sure you're connected to WiFi or mobile data. You need to be connected to the internet to top up your Mobile myki.

How do I make sure I don't lose my Mobile myki when I reset my phone?

If you're undertaking a factory reset, software update or uninstalling and reinstalling Google Wallet, you'll need to take the following steps first:

  1. Within Google Wallet, go to Mobile myki, select the menu in the top right corner (three vertical dots) and choose ‘Move to another device’. This will allow you to deactivate your Mobile myki then reactivate it again.
  2. From the pop-up options, select 'Deactivate'. Your Mobile myki will now appear in Google Wallet.
  3. Once your phone has rebooted, go to Mobile myki within Google Wallet. Select the 'Activate' option.
  4. Mobile myki will now be reactivated on your phone, with your account details the same as before.