​The zones you travel through determine the fare you pay. Zones only apply to myki fares. Fares are capped across the network, so once your fare has met the cap, you won’t be charged more regardless of where you travel. Learn more about the regional fare cap.

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Passengers on escalators at Southern Cross Station

Metropolitan zones

Metropolitan zones determine the myki fares for metropolitan train, trams and buses. Metropolitan zones include:

  • Free Tram Zone (applies to tram only)
  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • the Zone 1/2 boundary overlap.

To find out which zone your stop or station is in, visit the Departures page for your location.
Click the information icon Information icon and select Ticketing for zone details.

Fares are based on where you travel and your ticket type. Find out more about metropolitan fares.

Regional zones

Regional zones determine the myki fares for regional trains and buses. Regional zones include:

  • Zone 1+2, but only if you’re travelling to or from a regional station or stop
  • Zones 3 to 15/16
  • the zone boundary overlap between any two consecutive zones.

To find out which zone your station or stop is in, visit Regional myki zones.

Fares are based on the number of zones you travel through, whether the travel is to or from Melbourne, and the ticket type. Find out more about regional fares.

More information

For more information on zones, see the Fares and Ticketing Manual.