Building you a better myki


Building you a better myki

Latest news

  • The next generation of myki has officially begun, with globally renowned ticketing supplier Conduent operating Victoria's public transport ticketing system from 1 December 2023.
  • Conduent is a global ticketing provider with operations in more than four hundred ticketing systems across 24 countries and will bring this experience to Victoria
  • For customers, there are no immediate changes to the myki ticketing system. You should continue to use your myki card or V/Line tickets as normal
  • Following trials commencing in 2024, new features will be progressively rolled out across the whole of Victoria, including in areas not currently serviced by myki.
  • Victorians can look forward to a range of convenient new ways to pay, including tap and go payment with credit and debit cards, digital watches and digital wallets on all smart phones.
  • The innovative approach to delivering the new ticketing solution will be underpinned by extensive customer research and human centred design, ensuring a system that works for everyone.

About the project

Victoria’s public transport ticketing system is constantly being improved to make travel across the network easier and more convenient. Conduent will continue to deliver the existing myki system, while testing and progressively rolling out new features, including:

  • Tap-and-go payment options including credit cards, wearable devices like smart watches, digital wallets on smart phones and QR codes
  • Account-based ticketing, removing the risk of losing the balance on misplaced myki cards
  • New, modern ticket readers.

The new ticketing features will be rolled out state-wide, including to areas in regional Victoria that are currently not serviced by myki.

Diagram showing current payment options for myki versus future payment options, including myki, credit cards, QR codes, mobile devices, wearables, short life smart tickets and Bluetooth-based tokens

Following trials commencing in 2024, improvements will be progressively added to the existing payment options and will allow customers to tap on and off with their credit or debit card and pay with a digital wallet on a smartphone or smart watch.

Through a personal online account, customers will also be able add multiple payment devices, manage your own account and process paperless concession applications.

New features will be added progressively to make sure Victorians can easily transition to new, more convenient ways of buying a ticket to travel.

At each stage, technical and customer testing will be undertaken. Progressing to each new stage will be based on successful testing rather than by fixed dates. This means customers can have confidence that the system will be proven when it rolls out in each area of the state.

A comprehensive support program will help customers confidently use any new features of ticketing system throughout the progressive rollout.

Frequently asked questions

The new contractor is Conduent Business Services, a globally renowned ticketing supplier. They commence on 1 December 2023.

We don’t expect any disruptions or major changes for customers and there will be no immediate changes to the ticketing system. Customers will continue to use the current myki and V/Line ticketing systems.

Yes. There will not be any immediate changes to the current myki or V/Line ticketing system when the next contract commences and new features will be progressively added in addition to the myki card.

The aim is to offer customers more ways to pay. The physical myki card will continue to be available for those customers who still prefer to top up and pay with their myki card, including school children.

There will not be any immediate changes to the current myki or V/Line ticketing systems. Instead, new features will be introduced gradually to all customers across the network, in Melbourne and in regional Victoria, when the new features are ready. Customers and key stakeholders will be involved in the testing and trials, and a comprehensive support program will help customers adopt the new features.

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Auto top up

Always be ready to travel with myki auto top up. Set a minimum balance and your myki will automatically top up with the amount you choose.


myki refunds

If your travel plans have changed, and you no longer need to use your myki Money, pass, or paper ticket, you can apply for a refund.