Public transport partnership agreements

The current contracts for public transport services in metropolitan Melbourne.

Current contracts (beginning 30 November 2017)

Previous contracts (2009 to 2017)

New contracts 


The partnership agreements clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the operators and Public Transport Victoria.


  • Day-to-day operation of trains and trams to Public Transport Victoria performance standards
  • Responsibility for customer service, including tickets sales, passenger security and station staff
  • Employment and management of staff
  • Maintenance and cleaning of vehicles, tracks and stations.

State Government

  • Safety regulation*
  • Sustainable funding
  • Coordination of timetables between trains, trams and buses
  • Long-term network and strategic planning
  • Development of a new ticketing system.

*For more information about safety regulation, visit the Transport Safety Victoria website.

Further information

If you require further information or a copy of any of the documents, please contact our Freedom of Information team.