Station mapping project

Privacy Collection Notice

A station mapping project is currently underway using backpack mounted cameras to collect images and cartography data inside train stations on our network. The project will provide detailed navigation directions to help create new journey planning features and improve your travel.

You will soon have access to more information about the way to lifts, escalators, ramps and stairs ahead of time - helping you to get to and from platforms and to know how long this is expected to take. This will be of particular use to people with mobility or accessibility issues.

Backpack mounted camera

Backpack mounted camera

Why images of train stations are being collected

PTV has granted Google access to selected train stations to collect data so we can provide better information to our customers. The project will collect imagery and cartography data to identify the position of landmarks within these stations. This information will help make it easier for people to navigate train stations by providing accurate directions and accessibility details through Google Maps and other journey planning tools.

PTV is committed to protecting your privacy

Google will handle all information in accordance with its legal obligations and existing privacy policies. Any images of individuals will be de-identified and no imagery will be disclosed or published.

If you wish to know more about Google's security and information handling practices, you can do so by reading Google's Privacy Policy.

PTV will not collect or receive any personal information or health information stemming from the project. For information about PTV and the Department of Transport's broader information handling practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We do not manage and are not responsible for any of Google's websites or linked web pages. If you follow a link from this page to a Google web page, you will be subject to Google's information handling practices and policies.

We may update this collection notice from time to time and the updated version will be published on this page, along with its version date.

Contact details

If you have any questions about Google's activities, you can contact Google at [email protected]

Version date

This collection notice was last updated on Wednesday 8 December 2021.