Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

​In this section you will find information in relation to gifts, benefits and hospitality offers made to PTV officers and employees.

PTV's officers and employees are required to comply with its Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy (Gifts Policy). The Gifts Policy promotes the minimum accountabilities for managing gifts, benefits and hospitality issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

A gift offer is either:

  • token – an offer of a gift, benefit or hospitality that is offered as a courtesy or is of inconsequential or trivial value to both the person making the offer and the individual. The combined total of offers from that same individual or organisation in the last 12 months does not exceed $50
  • non-token or reportable – an offer of a gift, benefit or hospitality that is, or may be perceived to be by the recipient, the person making the offer or by the wider community, of more than inconsequential value. All offers worth more than $50 are non-token offers and must be declared and recorded on a gift, benefit and hospitality register (Gifts Register).

If an individual or organisation offers a non-token gift, benefit or hospitality to a PTV officer or employee as a result of their role with PTV, information about the offer will be recorded on relevant declaration forms and the Gifts Register and used or disclosed by PTV for the purpose monitoring and auditing (internal or external) purposes or as required by law.

The Gifts Register is pubished on this website to promote transparency in PTV and public sector decision making and to comply with the minimum accountabilities for the management of gifts, benefits and hospitality.

Download PTV's Gifts Register 2018-2019 (DOC) 145 KB

Download PTV's Gifts Register 2017-2018 (DOCX) 82 KB