School bus centre review program

We review the School Bus Program services regularly to make sure the program is effective and in line with the Department of Education and Training's policy. Information on this page is for school bus operators.

Review lists

You can check which school bus networks participated in reviews for 2022 and 2021 at:

Service variations practice note

Practice Note No. 1 of 2019 covers service variations resulting from reviews initiated by both PTV and operators. It covers processes, rights, obligations and consequences.

Download Practice Note No. 1 of 2019 (PDF) 500 KB

Operator-initiated reviews

Operators can carry out a school bus network review in a centre that isn't included in the list of planned reviews. Before beginning the network review, an operator must get approval from PTV. Contact your relevant contract manager to get started.

Once approved, an operator can request the following templates to carry out a network review. The Operator Initiated Procedure Document describes how and when you should use them.

  • Operator Initiated Procedure Document - you must follow the procedure in this document
  • Notification to Public Transport Victoria
  • Notification to Bus Association Victoria
  • Notification to coordinating schools
  • Operator project management plan template
  • Letter submitted with draft review
  • Checklist template

School bus contract ballot procedure

The School bus contract ballot procedures apply to operators and PTV. The Operator Initiated Procedure Document will detail when you need to use this document.

Download the School bus contract ballot procedure (RTF) 2.8 MB