New stations, new metropolitan train timetable

Meet Mernda, your new line

On Sunday 26 August 2018 the Mernda Line opened, bringing almost a thousand weekly services to Middle Gorge, Hawkstowe and Mernda stations. Plus the new timetables bring extra services across the network.  

What’s changed?

  • South Morang Line is now the Mernda Line
  • new timetables 
  • extra services
  • changes to stopping patterns

To keep connections with the new train times we also made changes to some bus and V/Line train and coach timetables. The Plenty Valley bus network also changed, to connect buses to the new stations on the Mernda Line.

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Mernda Line (former South Morang Line)

Trains on the former South Morang Line are now extended to Mernda Station.  

There are 45 extra trains per week in the morning and evening peak periods compared with the previous timetable.

Extra AM service times

6.31am, 7.13am, 8.01am, 8.14am and 8.22am

Extra PM peak service times

4.58pm, 5.18pm, 5.28pm and 5.47pm

All trains stop at all stations between Clifton Hill and Jolimont.

Some morning peak trains from Flinders Street to Epping do not stop all stations. 

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Werribee Line

The Werribee Line gets 35 extra trains on weekday evenings.

Extra PM services to Werribee

4.07pm, 4.29pm, 6.39pm and 7.04*pm

 (*Via Altona Loop)

Extra PM services to Flinders Street Station

5.03pm, 5.31pm and 7.25pm 

Changes to stopping patterns

A small number of Werribee trains now stop at slightly different stations.

What’s changed?

  • The 6.47pm weekday train from Laverton to Flinders Street Station now stops at all stations to Flinders Street Station (no longer running express between Newport and Footscray).
  • The 5.24pm train from Werribee to Flinders Street Station now stops at Aircraft then runs express from Newport to Footscray, then stops at North Melbourne, Southern Cross and Flinders Street.
  • From 26 August 2018, all weekday trains departing Flinders Street Station between 7.20pm and 8.20pm stop at South Kensington, Seddon, Yarraville and Spotswood, giving you a train every 10 minutes.

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Hurstbridge Line

Hurstbridge Line

The Hurstbridge Line gets 50 new and extended weekday services. 

  • Morning and evening peak trains to or from Greensborough and Macleod stop at all stations between Clifton Hill and Jolimont.
  • Morning peak trains from Eltham run express between Clifton Hill and Jolimont.
  • All other trains stop all stations between Clifton Hill and Jolimont.

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Cranbourne/Pakenham lines

Cranbourne and Pakenham lines

There are 80 extra trains across the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines each week.

New AM service times

9.31am from Westall to Flinders Street Station

9.33am from Flinders Street to Westall Station

New PM service times

3.55pm Flinders Street Station to Dandenong Station

6.19pm Flinders Street Station to Westall Station

Trains between the city and Dandenong Station run every 10 minutes on weekday evenings until 9.30pm. 

Changes to stopping patterns

From 26 August 2018, the 8.23am, 8.53am, 9.03am, 9.33am and 9.36am existing weekday trains from Flinders Street stop at South Yarra before continuing express to Caulfield and terminating at Westall or Dandenong. This change adds about two minutes to each train’s journey time.

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Belgrave, Lilydale and Glen Waverley lines

Belgrave, Lilydale and Glen Waverley lines

There are minor changes to timetables and stopping patterns on the Belgrave, Lilydale and Glen Waverley lines. 

What’s changed?

  • A Belgrave train departs Flinders Street Station at 5.44pm, a minute later than previously, and no longer stops at Surrey Hills Station.
  • The 5.48pm Lilydale train departing Flinders Street Station now stops at Surrey Hills Station and runs a minute later between Surrey Hills and Mooroolbark stations.
  • The previous 5.39pm Glen Waverley train from Flinders Street Station now departs a minute later at 5.40pm.
  • The previous 5.42pm Glen Waverley train to Flinders Street Station will depart a minute later at 5.43pm.

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Other lines

There are no changes on the Alamein, Craigieburn, Frankston, Sandringham, Sunbury and Upfield lines.

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