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​We’ve put together a list of resources to help students and researchers find transport statistics, Minister's statements and more.

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About public transport

Statements by Ministers


  • Find information and statistics about how people travel in Victoria in the Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity (VISTA) on the Department of Transport website

Transport portfolio projects

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Students should submit their questions by email to [email protected] at least 10 working days before deadline. Enquiries submitted within a shorter deadline may not be answered.

The Department of Transport media team gets a large volume of enquiries from media organisations and journalists. We have to give priority to media outlets and can only respond to students by email.

Students should provide a name, contact email, phone number and university / school being attended and advise whether the request is for publication or an assignment. We can only respond in writing to specific questions, not requests for general information or interviews.

Do not submit this form if you are:

  • Requesting to take photos at train stations; instead find who to contact at Photography and filming
  • Enquiring about a public transport fine; instead find more information about public transport fines, including how to dispute a fine, on the Victorian Government website.
  • Requesting general information or an interview - the media team can only response in writing to specific questions.