Digital tools

We have digital products available to both passengers and developers.

They include mobile apps, datasets, passenger information displays, network status boards, Mobile myki, social media profiles and of course, this website.


This website provides a range of tools and features to help customers to find the information they need to travel on public transport. 

These include a new Journey planner, dynamic mapping, and integrated disruption information.

Mobile apps

The PTV app lets you plan a journey, view real time and disruption information, find a myki outlet and more. The app is free and availabe to download from the Google Play and Apple stores. For more information, see Mobile app.


As part of a commitment to open data, PTV has shared many of its datasets publicly via the DataVic website. For more information, see Datasets

Passenger Information Displays (PIDs)

Electronic Passenger Information Displays (PIDs) can be found across the public transport network and provide departure information and important notifications for passengers. They are loacted at most train stations, major bus interchanges and tram stops. They also appear on some trams and trains.

PTV is responsible for all PIDs across the network while management of these is taken care of by individual operators.

Network status boards

Network status boards display the status of the train network and can be found at all stations along the Frankston line, the PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station, and the Metro, Yarra Trams, V/Line and PTV operations centres.

The information on the network status boards is also shown on the PTV website, with more detail for all modes, on the Disruptions page.

Mobile myki

Mobile myki is a new way to travel with myki. It’s a digital myki on your Android phone on the Google PayTM app.

Find out more at Mobile myki.

Social media

PTV has a presence on the following social media platforms: 

Our social media guidelines

We encourage you to follow PTV's social media accounts and use them to make comments or start a conversation with us. We welcome open discussion, participation and expressions of opinion.

To ensure all community members feel welcome on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, we moderate messages for adherence to our guidelines.

Please do not post content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, offensive or encouraging of harm.

Real time information

Real time information is available for metropolitan trains, trams, all metropolitan buses and buses in Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong.

Anywhere you see minutes next to a service (ie. 7 mins), that's real time information, as this is the number of minutes until the service departs.

If real time is not available, the scheduled departure time will be shown, ie. 12:15pm.

Real time information is available via the PTV website and app.