Route 58 infrastructure upgrades   

tram size comparison between Z Class and E Class tram

We’re upgrading Melbourne’s tram network to deliver accessible transport and meet Melbourne’s future transport needs.

Route 58 has been selected as the next route for E-Class trams as it serves key employment areas including the Parkville medical precinct, CBD, South Yarra and population growth areas.

When and where will the works happen?

Visit the Route 58 upgrade map to find out about works happening at your nearest stop.

What do the works involve?

We will make changes to Route 58  so that E-Class trams can operate safely and efficiently.

These changes are essential to support the safe roll-out of E-Class trams, our biggest and most accessible trams in Melbourne.

E-Class trams are significantly longer than the trams currently operating on Route 58. To ensure that they can be accessed safely some stops will need to be removed, relocated or lengthened and in some cases, this will require carparks to be removed near stops. 

Changes will include: 

  • removing some stops to improve safety
  • lengthening stops so they are safe for E-Class trams to use
  • changing or replacing road markingsand street signs where the stops are longer
  • installing safety upgrades at stops for E-Class trams

How will this work benefit public transport users?

We expect that future Melbourne will have more people using trams than ever before. Upgrading our network’s infrastructure is essential to ensuring we provide an accessible service to all passengers, meeting future needs and preventing overcrowding.

For more information on the project email [email protected] or contact our call centre on 1800 800 007.


Map of stop removals and upgrades

Route 58 upgrades, removals and nearest stops