Tram timetable changes in April 2024

From 28 April 2024, there will be timetable changes for routes 19, 30, 57, 59 and 82, making Melbourne’s tram network more reliable and efficient.

The timetable changes better align with the current travel patterns and reflect post-pandemic travel habits, including the impacts of the hybrid working environment, and the increase in evening travel when people return to the city for hospitality and entertainment.

What's changing

  • Passengers on Route 82 will enjoy 60 additional services a week reducing crowding and wait times, improving reliability, and better meeting passenger demands.
  • Passengers on Route 82 will also have enhanced connectivity and frequency in Melbourne’s west, with services running every 15 minutes until 9pm and 20 minutes until midnight, Monday through Saturday, and every 12 minutes across school periods and the morning peak.
  • Services will be boosted on Friday and Saturday nights, with a tram every 15 minutes until 10 pm on routes 19, 57 and 59, making it easy to get around and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife.
  • Passengers using Route 19 will enjoy an additional six services on Saturdays, reducing crowding and wait times.
  • Routes 57 and 59 passengers will have more even spacing of services throughout the week that will reduce overall crowding, providing a more consistent service. We’re also improving weekend afternoon and evening services on routes 57 and 59, making it more convenient for passengers to commute and enjoy the lively Queen Victoria Market festivals and food trucks.
  • Passengers using Route 57 will have 14 additional Saturday trips, and Route 59 passengers will have 16 additional Saturday trips.
  • Revised journey times for routes 19, 30, 57, 59 and 82 will improve punctuality and better align with current traffic conditions and travel times, providing passengers with a more consistent service.
  • Route 30 journey times have been updated to reflect improvements to the La Trobe Street tram stops.

New timetables