Public Transport Access Committee

The Public Transport Access Committee, also known as PTAC, provides independent advice to the Minister for Public Transport and, where relevant, the Minister for Public Transport Infrastructure, with the aim of creating a public transport system that is inclusive and accessible to all Victorians. PTAC is accountable to the Minister for Public Transport. The Department of Transport’s Transport Accessibility & Inclusion branch provides secretariat support for the committee.

Terms of Reference

PTAC independently identifies public transport accessibility issues and provides advice to inform a user centered perspective on the accessibility of Victoria’s public transport system.

To perform its role, PTAC:

  • identifies current and emerging public transport accessibility issues affecting or likely to affect people with disability or with mobility issues in Victoria’s growing, more diverse and ageing communities
  • considers the views of people with disability or with mobility issues, the relevant organisations and peak bodies, and the broader community to identify issues and understand broader user experiences regarding accessibility
  • serves as the key source for consultation regarding the accessibility of the public transport system
  • provides advice to the transport portfolio Ministers, the Department of Transport (DoT) and its agencies or, upon referral, to Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria (CPVV), on the accessibility aspects of key public transport projects, initiatives or strategies, to ensure that they appropriately take into account accessibility.

PTAC also investigates and provides advice on any public transport accessibility matters referred by the Minister for Public Transport.


PTAC members have extensive experience and knowledge about issues that affect people with disabilities, older people and vulnerable groups.

They represent a cross-section of the community, including:

  • men and women
  • young people and seniors
  • residents of regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne
  • people with sensory and physical disabilities
  • carers
  • professionals working in disability and related sectors (including homelessness).

The former PTAC’s term ended in 2019 and the Department of Transport has undertaken a recruitment process for a new Committee.

The new PTAC appointments will soon be made by the Minister for Public Transport on recommendation by the Department.

The new PTAC will consist of seven members, including an independent Chair elected per quarter by the members to act in this role.

The new PTAC will be meeting monthly.

This webpage will be updated with latest info and details on appointments, as soon as they become available.


To ensure business continuity, PTAC members will be appointed for staggered terms of 12 or 24 months.