Information for schools about PTV Approved School Student ID

A PTV Approved School Student ID is now accepted as students’ entitlement to buy student passes and concession fares.

Victorian school students are now able to use their PTV approved school ID to access concession travel on public transport, saving time and money.

The new ID will only be available at schools that have had their ID cards approved by PTV to ensure they meet our fraud-prevention requirements. PTV Approved School Student ID cards must be digitally colour printed using card-printing hardware. Handmade or laminated cards won't be accepted.

The existing PTV School Student ID will remain an option for students whose schools choose not to participate.

Schools wanting to participate will also need to agree to the Intellectual Property Licence Deed Poll which states the terms and conditions of using the PTV logo over a 24-month period.

The Deed Poll can be downloaded below:

Download Intellectual Property Licence Deed Poll (DOCX) 212 KB

Follow these steps to have your School ID approved by PTV

Step 1

Design your ID card keeping in mind that a professional quality and durability is required. Hand-drawn, desktop-produced proofs will not be accepted. The card design needs to include:

  • School name
  • Student name
  • Student photo
  • The correct card expiry date being the last day of February not exceeding 28 February after the child finishes year 12. This means schools aren't required to print new cards each year. The expiry date can be up until the year after a student is supposed to finish Year 12. For example, if a student begins Year 7 in 2020, then the maximum card expiry date would be 28/02/2026.
  • School name inserted in the intellectual property authorisation line
  • A 10mm high x 17.5mm wide space for the PTV logo (white background only)
  • Any other information the school requires.

Once you have a proof in PDF format and you've completed the Intellectual Property Licence Deed Poll, email both documents to Ticketing Services

Step 2

If approved, PTV will email you with the logo for you to add onto your card design.

Once complete, print the students’ ID cards.

Step 3

Distribute the PTV Approved School Student ID to your students to carry when they travel. They’ll need it as proof of entitlement to concession fares or to buy a student pass.

Students should register their myki to protect their card’s balance if it’s lost or stolen. If the registered myki is lost or stolen, the student must return to the place of issuance to get a replacement myki pass issued.

Step 4

Because use of the PTV logo is valid for 24 months, schools need to reapply to continue using the PTV logo. Get further information and any changes to the requirements of use by emailing Ticketing Services.

Card example only

Example of a PTV approved ID

A how-to guide can be downloaded here:

For further information email Ticketing Services.