Mobile myki

myki on table

myki has gone mobile

Mobile myki is a new way to travel with myki. It’s a digital myki on your Android phone on the Google PayTM app.

With Mobile myki you can:

  • Top up on the go
  • Touch on and off with your phone
  • Know your balance in real time

Get started now by downloading the Google PayTM app

Link to Google Play website

How to get started with Mobile myki


  1. Download Google PayTM
  2. Follow the instructions within Google PayTM to set up your payment card
  3. Tap the blue "Add a card" button and select Public transport. Choose myki 
  4. Choose myki Money or myki Pass
  5. Choose your fare product: Full fare, Child, Senior or General concession
  6. Finish the transaction and you're ready to travel!

Please note: If you already have Google PayTM on your device, make sure it's the latest version before adding Mobile myki.

Want more information?

Download the Mobile myki step-by-step guide (PDF) 207 KB

Can I use Mobile myki?

Check now to see if you can use Mobile myki on your Android phone:

  • Your phone needs to have a near-field communication (NFC) chip. Go to Settings > Connected devices. If NFC is listed, you can turn this on.
  • Ensure you’re using Android operating system 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Go into Settings > System > About phone. You can then see what Android version you’re on.
  • Download Google PayTM and set up a payment card. You’ll need to be aged 16 or over to use Google PayTM.
  • You need to have a VISA/Mastercard to use Mobile myki.
  • If you travel on a Full Fare, Senior, Child myki you can use Mobile myki.
  • If you travel on a General concession myki you can use Mobile myki, however please refer to our FAQs for additional information relating to using Mobile myki.


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