Student media enquiries

The Public Transport Victoria website contains a variety of information to assist students.

Students are encouraged to check for information about their topic using these resources before contacting Public Transport Victoria.

Media releases

You can view online and download Public Transport Victoria's media releases

To view media releases from the Minister for Public Transport, visit the media page on the Premier of Victoria website.

How to place a student media enquiry

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) keeps commuters in the loop about PTV products, services, projects and activities, as well as public transport changes through our website, social media, call centre and media activities.

The communications team welcomes your enquiries and will endeavour to facilitate (or help with) all student requests; however priority is given to enquiries from media organisations.

Due to the volume of enquiries from media organisations and others, it is only possible to respond to students via email.

Students should submit their requests and questions by email to [email protected] at least five working days before deadline. Enquiries submitted within a shorter deadline may not be answered.

Do not email if you are:

Students should provide a name, contact email, phone number and university / school being attended and advise whether the request is for publication or an assignment. Students should send all questions in advance and advise if they intend to record or film an interview.

The student will be advised if the communications team is unable to respond to the enquiry. In these instances the communications team will provide guidance on where the enquiry should be directed to.