How to set up alerts and push notifications

In the PTV app you can set up alerts or push notifications that will let you know about any changes to your favourite station, stop or route, such as any current or upcoming disruptions.

You can only view alerts and set push notifications on your favourites.


Go to the ‘For You’ section along the bottom menu and navigate to ‘Alerts’ along the top menu. Select the timeframe you’re interested in and all the relevant alerts will appear.

Tap on ‘Read more’ and you'll be be redirected to the PTV website for more detailed information.

Under the ‘More’ menu you can also choose whether you would like to receive push notifications.

Push notifications

Go to the ‘For You’ section along the bottom menu, navigate to ‘Alerts’ along the top menu, and tap ‘Set notifications’.

From there, select your favourite station, stop or route and choose to receive alerts for ‘Delays to my departures’ and/or ‘Planned works & closures’.

If you select ‘Delays to my departures’, you can choose when you receive notifications using date and time filters.

Your alerts and push notifications can be adjusted at any time by navigating back to ‘Alerts’ and ‘Set notifications’.

Tap the Alerts tab in the For you menu screen

Tap set notifications

Tap the stop you want to receive notifications for

Choose to receive delay information and/or planned works

Set your preferred notification times