Changes to Berwick Station Bus Interchange

On 30 October 2022, a new bus interchange opened on the southern side of Berwick Station, near Kangan Dive and Clyde Road.

As a result, temporary changes were made to bus routes and new bus stops were installed in the area.

From Sunday 11 December 2022, these temporary changes will be made permanent.

What’s changing at Berwick Station Bus Interchange from 11 December?

  • Buses will not be able to turn right onto Reserve Street or access the new interchange via Gloucester Avenue.
  • Buses will run via Clyde Road in between Princes Highway and the new Berwick Station Bus Interchange.
  • The St Margaret’s School bus stop will continue to be serviced by school bus services only.
  • Four bus stops on Gloucester Avenue, two bus stops on Reserve Street and one bus stop on Wheeler Street have been removed.
  • Seven new bus stops have been built, four on Clyde Road, two on Melville Park Drive and one on Lyall Road.
  • Bus routes 828, 831, 834, 835, 836, 837, 838, 839, 847, 888, 889 and 899 will now operate from the new bus interchange on the southern side of Berwick Station.
  • Bus Route 846 will operate from the new bus stops on Melville Parke Drive instead of the new bus interchange.

Berwick Bus Interchange map

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