Better buses for Deakin, Burwood and Box Hill

Three students walking with bus in background, and calendar icon displaying October 15.

From 15 October 2023, changes on the Box Hill, Burwood and Deakin University bus routes will improve connectivity, simplify the network and boost services to the community and Deakin University.

You can check timetables and maps here.

Changes to Box Hill, Burwood and Deakin University routes

SmartBus Route 903 Mordialloc – Altona will be realigned along Elgar Road to provide more than 1000 extra services to Deakin University each week. The realignment will provide a faster, more direct connection between Box Hill Station and Deakin University.

Map of changes to Deakin bus services

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The improvements to Route 903 will result in:

  • 7 existing stops on Elgar Road upgraded to be SmartBus standards.

  • 7 new stops installed on Burwood Highway. These are:
    • At 41-51 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28430)
    • At 64 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28431)
    • At 77 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28432)
    • At 118 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28433)
    • At 128-133 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28434)
    • At 141-155 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28436)
    • At 180 Burwood Highway (Stop ID: 28437).
  • 4 stops on Warrigal Road will be removed from 15th. These are:
    • At Green Street (Stop ID: 9393)
    • At Banksia Street (Stop ID: 9676)
    • At Cameron Close (Stop ID: 20263)
    • At Thomas Street (Stop ID: 20269).
  • 9 bus stops on Riversdale Road will be removed and reverted to tram only stops. These are:
    • At Glendale Street (Stop ID: 9396)
    • At Monsbourgh Drive (Stop ID: 9397)
    • At Alandale Street (Stop ID: 9398)
    • At Ferndale Street (Stop ID: 9399)
    • At Warrigal Road (Stop ID: 9678)
    • At Glendale Street (Stop ID: 9679)
    • At Monsbourgh Drive (Stop ID: 9680)
    • At Alandale Street (Stop ID: 9681)
    • At Ferndale Street (Stop ID: 9682).

There will be extra Saturday morning short trips to the university too.

Route 201 Box Hill – Deakin University will increase frequency to every 15 minutes from 6.55am to 9.55pm to deliver more services to the community and to Deakin University. Its days and times of operation are: 

  • All university days of the 3 trimesters, including the 3 public holidays when the university is open (Labour Day, Kings Birthday and Melbourne Cup).
  • The 3 orientation weeks.
  • All study and exam weeks.
  • Intra-semester breaks (except for Christmas/New Year break).

Roue 201 will not operate on:

  • Weekends and other public holidays (other than those specified above).
  • Easter Tuesday (University holiday after Easter Monday).
  • Christmas/New Year intra-semester break.

Route 281 Templestowe – Deakin University will be shortened to stop at Box Hill Station.

Route 271 Box Hill – Ringwood via Park Orchards will have Sunday services for the first time.

Route 768 Box Hill – Deakin University via Canterbury Road will be discontinued as it is a low patronage and frequency service that duplicates other routes. Savings from discontinuing Route 768 will be reinvested into boosting the frequency of Route 201.

Route 766 Box Hill – Burwood via Surrey Hills passengers will benefit from better Saturday frequencies, the introduction of a Sunday timetable and improved operating hours. Route 766 will also be realigned closer to Union Station, with 2 new stops installed on Mont Albert Road outside Union Station, making it easier to transfer between bus and train services.

To plan your journey, view the new timetables, visit Journey planner, or call 1800 800 007 to order a printed copy of your timetable.