Carer Card

​​You can enjoy concession fares and free weekend travel with a Victorian Carer Card ('We Care' card) issued by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

The Victorian Carer Card ('We Care' card) entitles you to free weekend travel in any two consecutive zones. Cardholders who live in Victoria also have access to two or four free off-peak travel vouchers per year (depending on where you live). You'll need to register to receive these.

You will also receive free travel during Carers Week.

To find out more about the Victorian Carer Card, visit the Carer Card website

How to travel

Take your Victorian Carer Card to a staffed metropolitan station to buy a specially encoded Concession myki.

Passengers with an Android phone can use Mobile myki, and select General concession as the fare type. Please note that only the 50 per cent of full fare discount is currently available for General concession. We're working to introduce other concession card types to Mobile myki that will have the relevant additional fare benefits associated to them.

Remember to carry your Victorian Carer Card with you when you travel.