How to set up and use multi-factor authentication

We're introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all myki accounts. This will increase our cyber security and further protect your account.

myki accounts accessed via the PTV app and PTV website now have multi-factor authentication.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a security measure that uses multiple forms of verification to confirm your identity. Access to some actions and sections of your account will require MFA validation. This includes updating personal details and certain transactions such as refunds.
Only someone who has access to all verification methods can access these parts of your account.

Multi-factor authentication for your myki account needs two factors of verification:

  • Your username and password, and
  • Your mobile phone number verification via SMS

Set up multi-factor authentication on your myki account

The next time you log in to your myki account, you will be prompted to validate your identity.

You will only need to validate your account again if you change your mobile phone number.

Multi-factor authentication - Existing myki account holder

You will be prompted to validate your myki account the next time you log in.

  1. Open the PTV app OR go to the myki page on the PTV website
  2. Log in to your myki account
  3. Enter your mobile number into the Mobile verification setup screen and tap Send code. A 6-digit verification code in an SMS will be sent to your mobile number
  4. Enter the 6-digit code into the verification screen and tap Verify code. You will need to do this within 5 minutes before the code expires.
  5. Once the code has been verified, you will see a confirmation screen saying Mobile verification complete, tap Done.

If you don't have a mobile number or access to the mobile number associated with your account, contact us on 1800 800 007 6am to midnight daily (all night Friday and Saturday) or visit a PTV Hub.


Multi-factor authentication on the PTV app - Setting up a new myki account

Customers creating a myki account for the first time will need to provide a mobile number, if they have one.

Refer to the How to register your myki in the PTV app help guide.
If you don't have a mobile number, contact us on 1800 800 007 6am to midnight daily (all night Friday and Saturday) or visit a PTV Hub.

Multi-factor authentication on the PTV website - Setting up a new myki account

  1. Go to the myki page on the PTV website
  2. Tap Create an account
  3. Tap Buy a new myki OR I already have a myki
  4. Follow the prompts to complete either process; you will be required to enter a mobile number.

If you don't have a mobile number, contact us on 1800 800 007 6am to midnight daily (all night Friday and Saturday) or visit a PTV Hub.

Ongoing use of multi-factor authentication

You’ll receive a prompt for verification each time you go into the settings of your myki account.

This means, you will be required to provide a 6-digit code from your mobile or authenticator app.

Using multi-factor authentication via SMS

Within 30 seconds of being prompted, you will receive an SMS containing a 6-digit verification code. Type this into the verification prompt.

Using multi-factor authentication via an authenticator app

By default authentication will be via an SMS sent to your verified mobile phone number.

You can choose to use an authenticator app as your verification method, once you have done the initial validation via SMS.

What is an authenticator app?

An authenticator app generates a unique verification code for any app/platform that it has been paired with. These verification code expires within a set period of time and then a new code appears.

Setting up an authenticator app

There are many third-party authenticator apps available from your relevant app store.

When deciding which authenticator app to use, make sure the app provides a 6-digit code. Some authenticator apps provide an 8-digit code which is not compatible with PTV.

Once you download the authenticator app, you will need to ‘pair’ it with your myki account.

  1. Log in to your myki account
  2. Go to My account
  3. Select Change verification method
  4. Pass SMS verification
  5. Select Authenticator app
  6. Tap ‘I have installed an authenticator app’
  7. Within the authenticator app, either:
    1. Copy and paste the 20-digit code, or
    2. Manually type in the 20-digit code
  8. Enter the 6-digit code from the authenticator app into the box displayed in your myki account
  9. Tap ‘Done’ when complete

Your authenticator app is now paired with your myki account.

Anytime you get prompted, open up your authenticator app and enter the six digits displayed into the verification box.

Changing your mobile device/uninstalling authenticator app

If you change devices, you will need to pair the authenticator app with your myki account again.

You should never delete or uninstall your authenticator app while your account is active. This could stop you from being able to access certain areas of your account.

Go in to your myki account and change your verification method to SMS before uninstalling the authenticator app.