Animals on public transport

Animals can travel subject to the following conditions:

Metropolitan services

Dogs must be muzzled and on leads to be permitted on metropolitan trains.

Other small animals are permitted on metropolitan train, tram and bus, provided that they are carried in an approved animal containers. For approved animal containers, please see V/Line guidelines below.

Animals other than dogs and assistance animals are not allowed to travel on public transport unless they are carried in an approved container as stated above.

It is strongly advised that customers with dogs do not travel during weekdays between 7am and 9am and between 4pm and 6pm.

Dogs are not allowed on seats, are not allowed to block doorways or gangways and must be controlled by their owner at all times.

Owners must clean up any mess created by their dogs.

V/Line services

Small animals, including cats and dogs, are allowed on V/Line trains.

The following conditions apply:

  • Small animals must be carried in an approved animal container that is suitable for cats and small dogs, within the size specifications (56cm long / 30cm wide / 38cm high) and a maximum weight of 15kg (including pet).
  • Small animals must be able to stand up straight, lie down without being cramped and turn around within the approved container.
  • Only one approved container is allowed per adult ticket.
  • Small animals in approved animal containers can be carried on Loco-Hauled services (in the luggage van), VLocity fleet (inside the passenger cabin, in the designated bike/luggage storage area) and Sprinters (inside the passenger cabin, in the designated luggage storage area).
  • Owners must clean up any mess created by their animal.
  • Owners are advised to travel outside peak times.
  • Dangerous dogs are not permitted to travel on V/Line services.
  • V/Line conductors will determine whether there is enough space for small animals.

Animals are not permitted on V/Line bus services (including rail replacement bus services) with the exception of guide dogs and assistance animals.

For more information, visit the V/Line website.

Guide dogs and assistance animals for people with special needs

Guide dogs, hearing guide dogs or guide dogs in training can travel for free on all public transport services.

The Assistance Animal Pass has been developed to help people with an ongoing disability (including issues relating to ageing and psychiatric illness) who are unable to use public transport without an assistance animal. For more information, view Assistance Animal Pass.