Night Network

Bus passenger at night

Night Network lets you explore Melbourne’s vibrant nightlife safely and conveniently with public transport running all night on weekends.

Whether you’re out dining, dancing or discovering the city, we’ll help you get around and back home with all-night services every Friday and Saturday on metropolitan trains, trams and buses, and regional coaches.

Learn more about our all-night weekend services:

Night Train Night Train

Night Trains run every 60 minutes on all lines, except Stony Point and Flemington Racecourse. Some stations have more frequent trains, including Richmond, South Yarra, North Melbourne, Footscray, Caulfield, Clifton Hill and Burnley.

After 1am, all trains run direct to and from Flinders Street Station. Parliament, Melbourne Central and Flagstaff stations close just after midnight. Southern Cross Station closes just after 1am. Premium stations are staffed all night.

Shuttle trains run on the Williamstown Line between Newport and Williamstown, the Alamein Line between Camberwell and Alamein, and the Cranbourne Line between Dandenong and Cranbourne. Shuttle trains also operate between Ringwood and Belgrave/Lilydale.

All services pick up passengers in both directions.

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Night Tram Night Tram

Night Trams run every 30 minutes on routes 19, 67, 75, 86, 96 and 109. You can travel between the city and St Kilda, Coburg, Bundoora, Port Melbourne, Carnegie, Box Hill, Vermont South and Brunswick.

Your trip is free if you're just travelling in the city's Free Tram Zone. View the Free Tram Zone map.

Please note you cannot top up or buy a myki on board a tram or bus.

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Night Bus Night Bus

21 of our most popular bus routes run to a 24-hour weekend service on Fridays and Saturdays and 13 special bus routes run after midnight on weekends.

24 hour bus routes

Operate after midnight on weekends

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Night Coach Night Coach

You can catch Night Coaches from the city to Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Seymour and Traralgon. Each coach has a toilet and space for one wheelchair.

Most stops are by request only – let your driver know your destination when you board.

Ballarat Line

Coaches travel from the city to Ballarat at 1.10am and 2.10am.

View your Ballarat Line timetable.

Bendigo Line

Coaches travel from Bendigo to the city at 10.20pm. Coaches also travel from the city to Bendigo at 1.05am and 2.05am.

View your Bendigo Line timetable.

Geelong Line

Two coaches leave Southern Cross at 2.15am. One stops on request at Tarneit, Wyndham Vale, Little River and Lara. The second drops off passengers at any station between Corio and Waurn Ponds, and picks up passengers from Geelong Station.

View your Geelong Line timetable.

Seymour Line

Coaches travel from Seymour to the city at 11pm. Coaches also travel from the city to Seymour at 2am.

View your Seymour Line timetable.

Traralgon Line

Coaches travel from Traralgon to the city at 10pm. Coaches also travel from the city to Traralgon at 2am.

View your Traralgon Line timetable.

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Other information

Fares and topping up

You can travel on Night Trains, Night Trams and Night Buses with myki and will be charged your usual fare. You won’t be charged a return fare if you touch on before 3am. A new day of myki fares begins at 3am.

At night, you can top up your physical myki card at myki machines at train stations, tram stops, premium stations, on board Night Bus ($20 maximum) or at 24-hour shops like 7-Eleven.

Find your nearest place to top up

With Mobile myki, you can top up on the go on your Android phone via the Google PayTM app.

Find out more about Mobile myki.

Touching on and off

Remember to touch on every time you board, unless you're just travelling in the city’s Free Tram Zone. View theFree Tram Zone map.

Touch off as you get off the bus or exit the train station to pay the lowest fare. You only need to touch off on trams when your trip is entirely in Zone 2.

If you’re travelling on Night Coach, touch on at the myki reader at Southern Cross Coach Terminal. Touch off at regional train stations or on the coach.


Protective Services Officers (PSOs) are there to help those in need of assistance and detect, prevent and manage anti-social behaviour, crimes against the person, weapon and drug offences and property damage.

You’ll find PSOs patrolling at train stations in metropolitan Melbourne and major regional train stations.

PSOs also patrol station car parks, on board trains, bus interchanges and the surrounding area, on board trams and tram stops.

Find out more about travelling safely.

In an emergency, you should always call 000.


You can find Night Network maps, including high-contrast maps for people with vision impairments, on the Maps page.

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