Luggage allowance

This page tells you all you need to know about carrying luggage on trains, trams and buses in Melbourne and Victoria.

Regional train passenger with luggage


Metropolitan and regional town bus services

Surfboards are not permitted on board metropolitan trams and buses or regional town services at any time.

Surfboards can be carried for free on metropolitan trains, but passengers with surfboards are requested to avoid travelling during peak periods. Surfboards must not obstruct passageways or doorways and must not inconvenience other passengers.

On metropolitan trains, surfboards must not be placed near the first door of the first carriage, as this space is reserved for passengers in wheelchairs.


Surf skis, sailboards, canoes and similar items are not permitted on V/Line trains.

Generally, V/Line coaches do not carry bicycles, surfboards, surf skis, sailboards, canoes and similar items. There is an exception for coach services along coastal routes where surfboards and boogie boards may be carried subject to available space on the day of travel. Passengers are to be aware that this applies to both the forward and return legs of the journey.

Call 1800 800 007 for further information.

Bicycles and surfboards on other public transport services

Passengers travelling with bicycles or surfboards on NSW TrainLink or Great Southern Railway services must contact these companies directly to arrange carriage of bicycles and surfboards. Customers who are travelling on V/Line tickets on these services must comply with the conditions of carriage set by these operators.

Luggage on V/Line services

On V/Line trains, passenger's luggage can be stowed in overhead racks above the seats and in the vestibules at the end of each carriage. On V/Line coaches and train replacement coaches, all luggage must be stored in the luggage compartment. Luggage is taken free of charge.

The total luggage limit for all V/Line services is 32 kilograms. People can carry two items of luggage, with no one item weighing more than 16 kilograms, as well as one piece of hand luggage on V/Line services free of charge. No additional luggage allowance is available for purchase.

Passengers can also carry one additional piece of hand luggage separate from the 32kg limit.

Prams, pushers and strollers (weighing up to 20 kg), children's car seats, wheelchairs and small items of sporting and camping equipment (a set of golf clubs or snow skis, stocks and boots will be treated as one piece of luggage) will also be carried as luggage. Surf skis, sailboards, canoes and similar items will not be carried as luggage.

Passengers are advised to carry all personal medication, keys and valuables in their hand luggage.

Passengers with special needs can seek assistance with luggage from station staff, train conductors and coach drivers when boarding, alighting or transferring between services.

Checked luggage

A checked luggage service is available on board locomotive-hauled V/Line train services. Locomotive-hauled trains operate on the Albury, Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Swan Hill and Warrnambool lines. Checked luggage will only be carried to stations beyond Seymour (Shepparton services), Traralgon (Bairnsdale services), Eaglehawk (Swan Hill services) and Marshall (Warrnambool services).

Passengers must check in their luggage at least 30 minutes before their service is scheduled to depart. Wherever possible, the luggage will travel on the same service (wheelchairs, sporting equipment, prams and similar items must travel on the same service).

The two 16kg pieces of luggage (total of 32 kilograms) can be checked on long distance trains but not the piece of hand luggage.

Passengers should clearly label all luggage with their name and address, their destination and the date and service they are travelling on, as well as removing all previous luggage tags.

When checking in luggage, station or agency staff and coach drivers should give the passenger the receipt portion of the luggage tag. Passengers must present this tag to retrieve their luggage. Tags are colour-coded to help staff sort luggage according to its destination.

Luggage can only be sent to the passenger's destination. If that location is unstaffed, the passenger must pick up the luggage as soon as it arrives. V/Line is not liable for lost luggage.

Passengers who lose their luggage tags must sign a declaration giving a description of the items and indemnifying V/Line against any loss or claim for wrong delivery. V/Line will only return the luggage if sufficient evidence of ownership is provided.

At Southern Cross Station, checked luggage will be delivered on the platform beside the train or beside the road coach immediately on arrival. Luggage unclaimed on arrival will be transferred to the luggage hall. At other stations or stops luggage will be delivered on the platform beside the train or on the roadside beside the road coach.

Liability and insurance

V/Line may pay up to $600 to any passenger whose checked luggage is lost, damaged or delayed as a result of negligence by V/Line's employees, agents or contractors but only when:

  • The items were in a suitcase, bag or other receptacle that was securely locked and clearly labelled with the passenger's name, address and destination
  • The luggage was handed to an employee, agent or contractor of V/Line and a luggage tag was obtained for each item

V/Line is not liable for any loss, damage or delay to bicycles, surfboards, sporting or camping equipment. V/Line is not liable for any loss, damage or delay arising out of any other cause. Passengers who require additional cover should obtain appropriate travel insurance.

Dangerous goods

Items likely to injure or endanger other persons are not permitted to be carried on passenger vehicles in Victoria.

Examples of such items prohibited from carriage on passenger vehicles include:

  • Flammable liquids and gases (petrol, kerosene, LPG, propane)
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Corrosive or acidic chemicals


Prams can be carried free on public transport services at all times. Find more information at Prams and strollers.

Shopping jeeps, supermarket trolleys and golf buggies

Shopping jeeps can be carried free on public transport services at all times.

Supermarket trolleys are not permitted on board public transport services.

Golf buggies and similar items can be carried free on public transport services, as long as the comfort, access and safety of other passengers are not affected.

Motorised vehicles

Petrol-driven vehicles are not permitted on public transport services for safety reasons.

Electrically driven mobility aids (such as wheelchairs or scooters) are permitted on public transport, but must conform to specified dimensions. See Mobility aid specifications for more information.