Animals on public transport

You can bring dogs and some other animals with you on public transport under certain conditions.

Guide dogs and assistance animals

Guide dogs, hearing guide dogs or guide dogs in training can travel for free on all public transport services.

You can travel with an Assistance Animal Pass if you need a trained assistance animal to help you use public transport. To receive a pass, you’ll need to show that your assistance animal is trained to help you manage your disability.

Metropolitan trains, trams and buses

If your animal isn’t a guide dog, hearing guide dog or guide dog in training, and doesn’t have an Assistance Animal Pass, it may still be able to travel with you on public transport.

Small animals can travel with you on trains, trams and buses in a suitable animal container.

Dogs can travel with you on trains, as long as they’re on a lead and wearing a muzzle. If you bring your dog on a train you must:

  • clean up any mess your dog makes
  • make sure your dog doesn’t sit on seats, or block aisles and doors
  • keep your dog under your control at all times
  • avoid travelling on weekdays between 7am and 9am or 4pm and 6pm.

Animals other than those in a suitable animal container, or dogs on a leash and wearing a muzzle, are not allowed on trains. Only animals in a suitable animal container are allowed on trams and buses. 

V/Line trains and coaches

You can bring small animals on V/Line trains in an suitable animal container. Suitable animal containers must:

  • be no more than 56cm long, 30cm wide and 38cm high
  • weigh a maximum of 15kg, including your animal
  • allow your animal space to comfortably stand up, lie down and turn around.
  • Only one container is allowed per customer.

You can put your animal container in the luggage van of Loco-Hauled trains or inside the passenger cabin or bike and luggage storage area of VLocity and Sprinter trains. V/Line conductors will confirm if there is enough space for small animals.

When travelling with an animal on V/Line trains:

  • clean up any mess your animal makes
  • avoid travelling on weekdays between 7am and 9am or 4pm and 6pm
  • don’t bring any dangerous animals on board

Animals are not allowed on V/Line coaches, including rail replacement buses, unless they’re a guide dog or have an Assistance Animal Pass.

For more information, visit the V/Line website.