Travelling with children

Public transport is a fun and easy way to travel around Melbourne with children. There are so many things around the city to see and do and by planning ahead and following some simple travel tips public transport is a great way for you and your children to explore it all.

See ticketing information for children.

Waiting for a train, tram or bus

  • Stand well behind the line or back from the edge of the footpath or platform edge.
  • On long or curved platforms and stops wait close to the front of the train or tram so the driver can see you.
  • Watch-out for vehicles on the move and stand back from vehicles that aren’t stopping.
  • Leave plenty of time for your journey so you’re not rushing to meet your train, tram or bus.
  • Don’t run to meet your train, tram or bus, especially on platforms and near busy roads.
  • Never leave children alone on train platforms or at tram and bus stops.

Travelling with a pram

  • Hold on to your pram and make sure your child is strapped in securely.
  • Apply the parking brake at all times to prevent rolling.
  • Stand with your pram behind the line on train platforms and tram stops and away from the curb at bus stops.
  • Make sure your pram is parked parallel to the platform or footpath edge.
  • Board the train at the front carriage so the driver can clearly see you.
  • When leaving the train, tram or bus, watch the gap, exit backwards, and if travelling by tram check for traffic.
  • At train stations, use the escalators with care and use lifts where they are available.


  • If possible, avoid travelling at peak times.
  • Keep children seated where possible. If you and your children don’t take a seat make sure you all have something to hold on to.
  • Never leave your child alone on board a train, tram or bus.
  • If you’re travelling with more than one child, keep everyone together.
  • Make sure your belongings are stored safely and avoid blocking the aisle.
  • On longer trips, bring along toys or activities to help make the journey fun.

Getting off

  • Trains, trams and buses stop for a relatively short time. Be prepared to get off safely by allowing plenty of time to gather your belongings.
  • If you do get ready to alight before reaching your destination station or stop, make sure you have something to hold on to.
  • When travelling on a tram or bus, get prepared to leave early so that the driver can see you and allow time for you to exit.
  • If you’re travelling by tram check for traffic before you exit.