Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2020-24

The Victorian Government is committed to providing public transport services that are well connected and accessible to all members of the community. Transport infrastructure upgrades that include accessibility enhancements are at the forefront of the Government’s Big Build program. At the same time emphasis is placed on the public transport users’ experiences and needs.

The Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2020-24 is a strategy for delivering accessible bus, train, tram and taxi services that cater for the needs of users with accessibility requirements. The Action Plan outlines the steps the Victorian Government is taking to improve access to public transport, in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002. The Action Plan also applies the requirements of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010, contributes to the Victorian State Disability Plan, and supports the Getting to work: Victorian public sector disability employment action plan 2018–2025, as well as the Every Opportunity: Victorian economic participation plan for people with disability 2018-2020.

The Action Plan aims to reduce and eliminate barriers for people with disability when accessing public transport and is also seeking to boost the economic participation of people with disability, by including actions to improve workplace accessibility in the transport sector. The Action Plan is based on the following set of priorities:

  1. Customer, Community and Engagement: People with disability have equitable, dignified and responsive access to customer service, and are provided with engagement opportunities
  2. Access to public transport services: People with disability will have increased access to train, tram, bus, coach and ferry services, and to timely information on disruptions, cancellations, major events
  3. Accessible Processes and Systems: People with disability will benefit from inclusive and accessible business processes and systems
  4. Access to facilities: Universal design principles and dignified access for buildings and public transport infrastructure will be included in network expansions and upgrades
  5. Workplace Accessibility: Inclusive practices for employment of people with disability will create accessible work environments.

The priorities and actions in the Action Plan are set out to be delivered in collaboration across Victoria’s public transport sector. All priorities and actions are seeking to ensure that we achieve measurable outcomes resulting in beneficial changes in the lives of people with disability. The Department of Transport will work with transport operators and providers to:

  • plan and coordinate accessibility across Victoria’s transport system, to deliver more integrated and connected services across metropolitan and regional areas
  • improve the user experience for people with disability and build a culture across transport agencies that focuses on integrated accessible transport outcomes
  • improve the whole-of-journey experience by identifying gaps in transport accessibility and exploring innovative solutions and transport options for people with disability.

For more information see Accessible Public Transport Action Plan 2020-24