Improving accessibility

​We’re working to make public transport more accessible and inclusive.

We work with various stakeholders, including:

  • accessibility advocates
  • community groups
  • public transport operators, and
  • government agencies

and we are guided by key legislative frameworks including the:

Travelling in the Shoes of Others

Travelling in the Shoes of Others is a half-day workshop for people who work in or with public transport. Participants access public transport with a simulated disability or mobility restriction. They experience some of the challenges that people with different needs face on public transport.

The workshop highlights the need to build good design and accessibility principles into public transport planning, infrastructure and customer service. Find more information at Travelling in the Shoes of Others.

Accessible Transport Advisory Committee

Accessible Transport Advisory Committee is appointed by the Minister for Public Transport and in consultation with other relevant transport portfolio Ministers. The purpose is to provide independent advice across all transport policy and project matters with the aim of creating a transport system that is inclusive and accessible to all Victorians.