Priority seating

We are moving towards a more accessible and inclusive public transport system for all Victorians, including a standardised approach to priority seating across all trains, trams, buses and regional public transport.

Priority seats are usually covered in orange fabric and will be closest to aisles and doors. On some trains, trams or buses, the seats may not be orange, but will have a priority seating sticker above the designated seats.

These seats are for passengers with a disability, impairment, or additional needs. It is also for pregnant women, the elderly and parents with young children. Sometimes their reason for priority may not be visible to you.

Priority seating should be made available upon request for use by any passengers with additional needs and those who require extra support while travelling.

If you are sitting in a priority seat, please offer it to someone who may need it. If you do not give up your seat upon request, you can be fined by an Authorised Officer.