Crossing safely


Always look left and right before crossing

As kids, we learn to look left and right before crossing the road. Yet as adults, we forget this simple safety lesson which could save our life.

Even if you're very familiar with your daily commute, it’s important to stay alert especially when you’re crossing a busy road, tram tracks or rail crossing.

Here are some tips to keep you safe around public transport.


It's everyone's responsibility to use rail crossings safely:

  • Cross railway lines at marked crossings only and always obey warning signs.
  • Stop one step back from the edge of the crossing then look left and right before you cross.
  • Wait for trains to pass and gates to open, then look left and right again to check for other trains before crossing as they can come from either direction.
  • Hold children’s hands when crossing rail lines.
  • If you're using a wheelchair or mobility aid, or pushing a pram or stroller, and the barriers start to close while you are on the crossing, always go to the emergency escape gate ahead of you.


Trams can take much longer to stop than you may think, so be extra careful when crossing tram tracks:

  • Cross at designated pedestrian crossings if there is one nearby.
  • When crossing tracks, look left and right for trams in both directions.
  • When crossing roads to get on and off trams, look left and right for traffic.
  • When one tram has passed, be aware that another tram or a car may be coming behind it from the opposite direction.


Always choose a safe place to cross the road:

  • Cross at designated pedestrian crossings if there is one nearby.
  • Stop, look and listen. Look left and right and check for vehicles before you leave the kerb, and while you are crossing the road. Listen out for approaching traffic.
  • Avoid crossing from between parked cars as drivers might not see you. Also avoid crossing at the top of a hill or at a bend in the road. Make sure you have a clear view and can see vehicles coming from both directions.


Driver safety around rail crossings

It takes a train more than 200 metres to stop, so it’s important for drivers to obey stop, give way and other signs and signals, and always keep clear of the train tracks.

Click here for information on how to safely drive near train tracks and level crossings.

Driving around trams

Trams share many of our roads, and incidents between cars and trams can result in serious injuries. Remember to stop for passengers at roadside stops and always check for trams before crossing tram tracks.

Click here for information on how to safely share the road with trams

Safety initiatives

The Victorian Railway Crossing Safety Strategy 2018 to 2027 aims to save lives and reduce incidents at level crossings.

We are a proud supporter of the TrackSAFE Foundation, established by the Australian rail industry to reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network. For more information, see the Tracksafe Foundation website.