If you're a Victorian senior, you may be eligible for a free Seniors myki and 50 per cent discount on travel, as well as other benefits.

Senior couple reading travel brochure outside Sun Theatre


Your Seniors myki gives you:

  • A 50 per cent discount on trains, trams and buses, including V/Line trains and coaches.
  • Free weekend travel in any two consecutive zones and on regional town buses.
  • Free travel during the annual Victorian Seniors Festival.
  • Access to free travel vouchers.

You're also eligible for concession fares with a Pensioner Concession Card.


  • You must have a Victorian Seniors Card, available to permanent residents of Victoria aged 60 or over who work less than 35 hours a week. It's issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • International seniors aren't eligible for a concession fare.
  • The Seniors Business Discount Card doesn't give discounted public transport.

Free travel vouchers

You're eligible for annual free travel vouchers if you're a Victorian resident and a Victorian Seniors Card holder.

Depending on where you live, you're eligible for two or four off-peak free travel vouchers every year.

You'll need to register to receive your annual allocation of free travel vouchers. Find out more and register to receive free travel vouchers.

Interstate Seniors Card holders

  • Seniors from other states aren't eligible for a Seniors myki, but can travel with a Concession myki. They can also buy concession V/Line paper tickets and concession tickets for regional bus services

How to travel

  • When you apply for your Victorian Seniors Card, you’ll automatically receive your first Seniors myki free.
  • Always carry your Seniors Card and Seniors myki when you travel.
  • If you need to sit down when you travel, look for the priority seat signs and ask for a seat. You’ll find priority seats on every train, tram and bus.
  • Seniors with an Android phone can also use Mobile myki.